Ribnjak Polyclinic is unique in its toe surgery service. Thanks to the daily, joint work of plastic surgeons and orthopedics specialists, we can offer you functional as well as aesthetic foot surgery.

The experience of an orthopedic expert, with a specialization in the area of foot surgery, is highly valued in this case. Given the complexity of foot anatomy, a studious approach, that does not allow deviations in such a small area of operation, is needed.

The casuistry of deformed big toe, i.e. hallux valgus, which is relatively common in our society, is emphasized here. It mostly occurs in women, with initial pain of the feet, and then the deformation of the big toe that is aesthetically unpleasing!

The excessive length of the second or third finger and sometimes the fourth, significantly disrupts the pace of walking, the general quality of life and aesthetics, especially with female feet. A big problem in such cases is footwear, which becomes too small. As a result of the discomfort between footwear and the finger, pain, swelling and redness occur, with frequent painful imprints on the upper side of the finger.

If this condition is not treated, a permanent deformation of the finger can occur.


The reasons for the excessive length of toes can be the actual length of one toe compared to the other, or it can be because of a deviation of the big toe (hallux valgus, bunion), which then gives the appearance of the excessive length of the toe. In such uncommon biomechanical anomalies, the muscular imbalance can be the catalyst of “deformed” fingers, and the so-called “hammer-like” deformations. Such delicate correction surgery is performed by a specialist of orthopedics, with an eye for detail and a sense for aesthetics.


It can be said that there are two types of surgeries for these problems; one called arthroplasty – where resection is performed on the level of a smaller joint, and fusion – the joining of the two ends of previously unconnected smaller bones (interphalangeal arthrodesis).


It is sometimes also necessary to perform a procedure on the soft tissues (tendons, ligaments) of the finger.


Shortening of fingers often include bone resection and temporary fixation in the form of a thin wire that is removed after 3 weeks. Because of carefully dosed anesthesia and delicate surgical techniques, there is no pain for the entire duration of the procedure,


The “shortening” of toes is usually performed under local anesthesia, although it can be performed under the so-called “block” i.e. regional anesthesia and exceptionally under general anesthesia. It is desirable to have a laboratory blood test made, no later than a few months before the surgery. It is extremely important to consult with your surgeon and point out any allergies to local anesthetics.


Recovery after shortening of a finger is fast and lasts only a few weeks.

During that time, normal walking is possible while following instructions. Given that a small part of the wire will be sticking up from the tip of the finger, covered with a cap, it is necessary to wear larger footwear in that period. This is necessary to avoid any irritation caused between the shoes and the tip of the toes. Putting physical strain on the fingers, such as tip-toeing, running, jumping, etc., should be avoided After 3-4 weeks, the wire will be painlessly removed. You can move freely afterwards, but it is advised to refrain from straining the front part of the foot for a while longer.


When the toe surgery is performed with special care and by following all the rules of the profession, complications during and after the procedure should not be expected.

During and after the procedure, bleeding and hematoma may occur which makes the healing process in the area of the cut difficult. Swelling of the finger with lesser pain in the operative area is a common occurrence for a few weeks after surgery is.

After a few weeks, the swelling of the finger subsides and it takes on its new shape.

During postoperative recovery time, our professional staff is at your disposal for any and all inquiries.

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