Specialist Diagnosis

When talking about orthopedics and today’s modern 3D ultrasound methods, your difficulties can be easily analyzed in order to find the solution more rapidly.

Ribnjak Polyclinic has modern diagnostic devices that enable us to quickly and accurately determine your orthopedic problems and thus determine the appropriate treatment methods. This results in speeding up the treatment, reducing recovery time and reducing costs.

Our advanced medical devices can diagnose:

  • General ultrasound
  • Pediatric ultrasound
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound

Diagnostic and orthopedic treatments

For proper diagnosis of orthopedic difficulties, the knowledge and experience of the orthopedic specialist is essential. In addition, the quality ultrasound is also important to determine the exact condition. The ultrasound examination offers a wealth of information that gives insight into the actual state of the injury and shows the effectiveness of the treatment.

The high resolution ultrasound, as well as the experience of the orthopedic team of our Polyclinic allows us to timely set up a diagnosis as well as the adequate treatment methods. Ultrasound unmistakably reveals proper course changes in the treatment. It is possible to accurately determine the condition of the injury and more accurately predict the recovery of the musculo-skeletal apparatus.

Methods of treatment of orthopedic injuries – PRP

One of the most widespread methods of treatment in orthopedics is the use of autologous plasma (Platelet rich plasma). The PRP method is gaining an increasing number of users among athletes, both recreational and professional, as well as among the rest of the population.

Autologous plasma treatment options:

• Shoulder injuries
• Painful elbow
• Pain and knee injuries
• Arthrosis – damaged cartilage
• Lower leg muscle injuries
• Achilles tendon
• Feet tendons
• Plantar fasciitis

In short, platelets are blood cells, responsible for stopping bleeding, which, after the centrifugation process, increase the concentration of the so-called growth factors.
Growth factors are responsible for the processes of healing our tissues. Their increased concentration in autologous plasma accelerates healing of tendons, ligaments, muscles, and significantly alleviates the problems caused by arthrosis or “aging” of the joints!

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