Haglund’s heel

Our orthopedic team led by Milan Milosevic, MD, resolves the problem of Haglund’s heel.

Haglund’s heel

A painful and deformed heel is both a health and an aesthetic problem. Aside from everyday commitments and a fast pace of life, walking with such a heel can be truly agonizing!

Redness and swelling are a common occurrence, with great difficulty in trivial tasks such as wearing shoes! Such a state has a professional term – Haglund’s hell!

Haglund’s deformity is one form of painful heel syndromes, caused by the conflict of the soft-tissue structures and the bone part of the heel that can be of different shapes. Between the heel bones and the Achilles tendon, there is a mucus bag or bursa, which, due to the constant pressure of footwear on the heel, becomes inflammed and painful!

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Interactive visualization of an Achilles tendon rupture.


The heel quickly becomes painful and swollen, and walking is difficult. Footwear becomes uncomfortable and creates difficulties at each step. Over time, swelling increases and creates concern in patients. Changes are especially prominent in younger women wearing high heeled shoes!

After orthopedic ultrasound examination of the heel, non-operative treatment, with the use of orthopedic pads and physical therapy, is initially recommended. The application of so-called blockades, i.e. anesthetic injection and corticosteroids is sometimes considered, to reduce inflammation and pain. In conservative treatment, pulsating magnetic therapy with the use of autologous conditioned plasma is recommended! There is a noticeable improvement in most cases, as soon as after a few treatments.

For resistant cases of this condition, an operative treatment is reserved!

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